Plan To Regulate The Hunting Season And To Protect The Birds In Lebanon!

Lebanon has a rich ecosystem and wildlife. In fact, there are many

nature reserves

in Lebanon that protect the fauna and the flora. However, more effort is needed to preserve Lebanon’s environmental heritage. Hunting season is near, which is a vulnerable time for animals, especially birds.For this reason, the

Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon

(SPNL), in partnership with President Michel Aoun’s environmental advisor Claudine Roukoz, launched a plan that aims at organizing and regulating hunting in Lebanon. Yesterday, a conference called “Homat Al Hima – The Way of Life for Sustainable Development” took place in Bioland Farm, Batroun. During the conference, SPNL uncovered a 5-year-plan that aims at promoting eco-tourism and responsible hunting in Lebanon in partnership with hunters. Roukoz mentioned that laws are not enough to protect animals: it is necessary to raise awareness about the urgency of this issue. After all, the extinction of birds can create an imbalance in the ecosystem which can harm the environment and human beings. At the end of the conference, Roukoz released a woodpecker which is threatened with extinction in Lebanon.


Animal protection law in Lebanon

Recently, President Michel Aoun signed the

animal protection and welfare law

! So, animal abuse is illegal in Lebanon. The law states the manner in which animals should be kept. It’s also mentioned in the article how establishments that work with animals should be regulated. These establishments are zoos, pet shops, farms, slaughterhouses, circuses, and others. The establishments that will not respect the law will be shut down. Also, they will get a fine that can be up to 100 million Lebanese Pounds (66,379 dollars). In fact, the person who is in charge will get imprisoned.

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