This Plastic Surgeon Is Providing Free Surgery To Beirut Blast Victims

The Beirut explosion has left long-lasting marks on many Lebanese, both emotionally and physically. While the former will take time to heal – if ever – some of the latter is being tended to by a humanitarian plastic surgeon in Beirut.

Out of the thousands of people who were injured by the deadly blast and survived, many have been left with permanent scars that need reconstructive surgery to be removed.

To help those whose faces have been disfigured and otherwise might not be able to get reconstructive surgery, Dr. Joe Baroud has been putting his skills and expertise at the disposal of his fellow citizens.

Free of charge, Dr. Baroud has been providing surgery to the victims of the explosion with the assistance of his fellow surgeon Dr. Anis Mrad and a team of nurses and volunteers.

“It seems clear that the recorded injuries are caused by shattered glass, and it requires follow-up, especially since the face is one of the areas where there is good blood circulation, and thus it can be worked on and restored,” he told Annahar.

While more than 30 injured have received surgery at the hands of Dr. Baroud since the blast, numerous others are being prescribed the appropriate drugs for their respective cases over the phone.

“Through pictures of the patients, I know if the person needs surgery, direct examination, or follow-up treatment over the phone,” he explained.

Dr. Baroud noted that he had received several calls from colleagues and doctors wanting to help him with his endeavor. “We are interested in securing the sutures so that we can perform restoration and surgery,” he announced.

“… It is clear that our system is paralyzed and unable to help, and we will only be able to get through this ordeal with personal efforts. My heart is broken but will never stop beating; together we are stronger.”