PM Diab Denies AUB’s Claims Around His Lawsuit

AFP | REUTERS/Aziz Taher

Following the report by Al-Arabiya, based on several AUB officials, that the Lebanese Prime Minister was suing the cash-strapped university for $1 million, PM Diab’s office issued a statement denying the “details of the claim.”

On Wednesday evening, PM Diab’s attorneys Amal Haddad and Naji Boustani responded that Al-Arabiya’s report contained some information related to the lawsuit that was “legally incorrect.”

They went on to denounce the “negative stance” AUB has taken towards their client and accused the university of intentionally failing to pay compensation dues to PM Diab and for leaking information to the media to cause intimidation.

They concluded their response by stating that there is an “orchestrated campaign” linked to a “premeditated plan since January 2020” (when Diab took office) by AUB’s current administration, which goes against the values and moral standards of the university since its foundation.

The fact remains that the prime minister of Lebanon is indeed suing the university and that the lawsuit comes at a time when AUB is in its worst financial struggle ever and the lawsuit, if won by the PM, will cripple the university further.

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