PM Diab’s Wife And Daughter Injured Due To The Explosion In Beirut

Sky News

On Tuesday the 4th of August, a big explosion took place in the Port of Beirut in Lebanon.

This incident, which causes are not yet confirmed, left material damages, hundreds of injured, and, according to Reuters, there are now 10 confirmed death cases due to the explosion.

The Red Cross, according to what the Secretary-General told LBCI, is receiving hundreds of calls by the minute, and hospitals in the capital are now full of injured people.

LBCI posted that among those affected by the explosion are MP Hassan Diab’s wife and daughter, along with a number of advisors in the Serail.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab announcing Lebanon's decision to default on Eurobonds payment
VDalati & Nohra

The Serail also witnessed material damages, like all other areas near the site of the explosion.

Noting that the hashtag #Pray4Lebanon is not all over social media and hospitals are now calling on people to donate blood in all hospitals of the capital due to the high number of injuries.