Poland Is Donating To Lebanon’s Rafik Hariri University Hospital

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A month after the Beirut Port explosion, Poland is showing more support to Lebanon by aiding the fragile healthcare system.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Lebanon, Przemysław Niesiołowski, recently visited the Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) and presented Dr. Firass Abiad with the Polish donation of medical supplies and equipment.

Poland had been one of the first countries to provide emergency assistance to Beirut following the deadly explosion of August 4th.

Now, to help hospitals in the fight against the second wave of the coronavirus, Poland is providing Lebanon’s top coronavirus hospital with the medical supplies and equipment it needs. 

In a statement, the Embassy of Poland wrote that it was able to collect medicine, supplies, and medical products such as “bandages, surgical masks, helmets, protective masks, coats, gloves, surgical tools, and beds.” 

The items were shipped to Lebanon and donated to what the embassy called “the first hospital at the forefront of the battle against the emerging coronavirus to protect human lives,” aka RHUH. 

Similarly, France recently made a generous donation of over $8 million to the RHUH. 

Lebanon is experiencing an unprecedented rise in infections. According to Dr. Firass Abiad, “every day, 20 new patients require hospitalization, 5 patients require ICU, and 5 patients die from COVID.”

The infections show no sign of decline.

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Poland Is Donating To Lebanon's Rafik Hariri University Hospital

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