Police in Germany Let Lebanese Protesters Use the Police Car as Part of the Protest

Lebanese people from all around the globe have been launching their own protests to support the Lebanese in the homeland in their ongoing protests in many different areas across Lebanon. As we step into the 5th day of protests, all Lebanese are standing united, inland and abroad, against corruption and all political leaders.


Many protests took place this weekend across different European, American, Canadian, Latin American, and Australian cities around the world, including Auckland in New Zealand.


In Germany, the Lebanese diaspora gathered in a big number on Sunday at 3 PM and under the call Demonstration für Libanon in Berlin.


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The large crowd included in addition to the Lebanese community in Berlin, friends of Lebanese who came to support the cause, and German relatives of Lebanese who also have their demands to voice out against dramatic social issues, like the right to citizenship for children born to Lebanese mothers and non-Lebanese fathers.

Moreover, the same common slogan that has been echoing in Lebanese protests at home and around the world also reverberated in Berlin’s protest.  “All, meaning all,” calling for the resignations of all the government.



During the protest, and with the crowd increasing, an unusual situation occurred that is worth sharing. According to a video shared on Social media, the German police, acting really helpful, offered a Lebanese protester to sit in his car and use his microphone to be able to address the large crowd. 

The video shows a Lebanese protester wearing the Lebanese flag over his shoulders, sitting in the driver seat of the German police car, using the microphone and addressing the protesters in Lebanese.


“We are here for the Lebanese and the Lebanese nation,” the protester said passionately. “We want everything related to Sectarianism to be away from here. We are here hand in hand as only Lebanese and not as Sunni, Christian, Derzi or Shia. We want to stand with and support the Lebanese people. So let’s stand today with the Lebanese and let the world hear our voice, and we don’t want anything else […]”

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Until this moment, the anti-government protests that started Thursday night are still ongoing and for the fifth day now. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese
protesters of all ages and all walks of life are still flooding the streets of most areas in Lebanon, raising the Lebanese flag, and calling for the resignation of the government.


These protests, which are considered Lebanon’s largest in years, will have a turning point today Monday, as the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s 72-hour deadline will come to its final minute tonight.

It is expected that he will be announcing either some radical solutions or his resignation or… the resignations of his cabinet. Either way, the people of Lebanon won’t accept but the best of their demands.


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