People In Beirut Are Complaining That Politicians Are Trying To Buy Their Ravaged Houses

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is not for sale!” Several displaced residents are complaining that mysterious buyers are offering to buy their broken homes for a compelling sum of money.

Homes in Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael, Ashrafieh, Bourj Hammoud, and other regions near Port were completely destroyed by the shockwave of the explosion just a week ago.

But not as destroyed as to impede some opportunists to want to buy them. After all, these are heritage houses of significant value, once repaired.

These alleged politicians or politicians’ affiliates are telling residents of these old neighborhoods that the buildings are no longer safe to in, and they need to be demolished, apparently for new projects.

Residents are urging each other to refuse to sell their homes, even if they are utterly destroyed. “Save heritage,” they exclaim.

The neighborhoods that have been affected by the blast are some of the oldest parts of , with buildings over 100 years old. Buildings with bullet holes and damage from the civil war have stood proudly for decades.

A local illustrator by the name of Nour Flayhan said, “The people of are angry and fighting against this, trying to preserve the culture and identity of the affected areas. The people want to help rebuild the areas. belongs to its people!”

These streets were once filled with love and laughter, hangouts, nights out, hip pubs, chill restaurants, cafes, and people who spoke and dreamt of a better .

Beirut residents are making it clear, they are here to stay. They will work hard, preserve their history, and restore it to its once bright and cheerful state.

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