Politicians In Lebanon Are Pathetically ‘Unfollowing’ Each Other On Twitter


In this day and age, if you want to send a message to someone, you unfollow them on social media. Petty as it may sound, there’s not a bigger statement of disapproval and ‘break up.’

That’s what PM Hassan Diab has done to send former PM Hariri a message that was loud and clear.

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Since some blocs decided to boycott the sessions at Baabda Palace, this made PM Hassan Diab furious. In the meetings, he called them out for getting in the way of the Cabinet’s reform efforts.

The meeting took place without the presence of former PM Saad Hariri, Najib Mikati, Walid Joumblatt, the Kataeb Bloc, and Sleiman Frangieh who sarcastically said his car license plate was an odd number and apologized that he couldn’t make it to the meetings.

In addition, the leader of the Lebanese Forces political party Samir Geagea, who attended the talks, openly criticized the Cabinet’s efforts. He stated his opposition to what he called ‘a group that claims it wants to change but obviously does not really mean it.’

Similarly, Hariri has not been shy about his opinion of the Baabda meeting, stating that it is not helpful, and claiming that it was a way to preempt the Taif Accord.

Consequently, the media office of PM Hassan Diab sent a message not only to former PM Saad Hariri but also to those who joined him in boycotting the meeting, by reportedly unfollowing Hariri from Twitter.

That’s ought to get things heated.

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