This Poll Shows How The Lebanese Diaspora Affected Election Results

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As the 2022 elections concluded, with the Lebanese people inside and outside Lebanon voting against almost all traditional political figures, the Lebanese diaspora was the one that shone in particular.

According to the Lebanese Interior Ministry, the turnout in the diaspora was 60%, with the UAE scoring one of the highest reported turnouts, recording over 71%

Per a poll shared by an electoral expert, Ibrahim Jouhari, this year’s election turnout would have been disastrous without the participation of the diaspora, as Lebanon would have recorded a much lower turn-out rate.

Both the younger and the older generations from all walks of life and ideologies worked together this time to change history and shift the balance of power in the country.

While there was a general hope among the people that the opposition, including the revolution, will score a bigger number of seats in the parliament, a striking breakthrough has been achieved, in that the long-standing ruling parties no longer hold a totalitarian majority.

The people have spoken indeed, and their relentless efforts since the onset of the Revolution on October 17, 2019, have yielded results, reviving hope and giving them some comfort amid the ongoing severe crisis.

The journey to salvation, however, is just only at its very beginning as the country is ravaged by years-long of compounded crises, neglect, and corruption.

The opposition now in parliament will have to continue its fight, which will be lengthy. Not only will they have to ensure that reforms are implemented fast and properly, but they will also have to face the resistance of the reelected “ruling parties”, many of which are liable for the prevailing disaster.

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