There’s A Party Named “The Blast” On Aug 4th & Lebanon Is Pissed

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The organizers of a now-canceled pool party that was set for August 3rd, the eve of the Beirut Port explosion, inconsiderately chose to name the party “The Blast”.

The lack of mindfulness that went into the naming of this party has naturally sparked an immense backlash as a picture of the party’s poster went viral.

“Who’s the idiot behind naming a party on August 3rd ‘The Blast’?” wrote Halim Shebaya on Twitter.

“What are you guys on? This is how much we’ve lost a conscience? THE BLAST??? It turns out there are people more insensitive than the politicians…” remarked Lea Bou Doumit.

One of the DJs, Rami Aridi, made a public apology in response to the comments, acknowledging how it can feel offensive.

To him, it seemed that the name of the party was only about how the party was “going to be awesome” and that it was not related to the August 4th blast in any way.

Many are finding it hard to believe that none of the organizers were able to make the link between hosting a party that would go on into August 4 by midnight and the fact that it was named “The Blast”.

One of the organizers came forward to someone who criticized the party’s name and said that they hadn’t realized that it was inappropriate before people began commenting about it.

The organizer, whose name was no revealed, stressed that it wasn’t related to the Beirut Blast.

However, that particular name has been the most spoken one in Lebanon, daily, for almost a year now, and by the media, to refer to the horrendous explosion that killed over 200 people.

It is quite impossible to forget that; a name engraved with fire and blood in the minds and hearts of the Lebanese people.

The DJ Ari-D said that he would never agree to play at a party linked to the explosion, stressing that he was not involved in the organization or the naming of the party.

He apologized for the “unintentional insensitivity” and stated that the party is being canceled.

You can read his full statement here:

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There's A Party Named "The Blast" On Aug 4th & Lebanon Is Pissed

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