Pope Francis Just Declared A Universal Day Of Prayer & Fasting For Lebanon

SBS | Arkansas Online

During Pope Francis’ first General Audience 6 months after the Coronavirus outbreak, on September 2nd, he noticed the Lebanese flag carried by a person among the crowd.

Pope Francis headed directly towards it, grab it with reverence, and kissed it then went praying over it while holding it in his joined hands. The scene, which lasted a minute or so, was more than symbolic for those who witnessed it.

It reflected the deep concern of Pope Francis for Lebanon and his heartfelt desire for the salvation of the Lebanese people currently enduring a massive catastrophe, and not only that of the blast that rocked Beirut.

The head of the world Catholic Church went further proclaiming, the coming September 4th, a Universal Day of Prayer and Fasting For Lebanon. Tha’s the day marking one month since the massive explosion that ruined the lives of Beirut’s citizens.

Pope Francis issued a worldwide invitation for all to join in that day of fasting and prayers for Lebanon, including all “other religious confessions.”

“A month after the tragedy… my thoughts are still with dear Lebanon and its particularly hard-pressed population,” the Pope declared.

“Faced with the repeated tragedies that each of the inhabitants of this land knows, we realise the extreme danger that threatens the very existence of this country.”

For that reason, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, will visit Beirut as an expression of solidarity.

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