Pope Francis Reportedly Invited Saad Hariri For An Urgent Visit To The Vatican


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, tasked with forming a desperately needed government for Lebanon, has been invited by Pope Francis to visit the Vatican, according to Future Movement’s Vice President, former MP Mustafa Alloush.

Given the circumstances that Lebanon is in, and the Pope’s concern and commitment to the Land of the Cedars, this invitation holds more than a friendly meeting.

Speaking to the local digital newspaper “Al-Anbaa”, Alloush indicated that there has been no change in the demands and position of President Michel Aoun.

He questioned in what seems like a doubt, “Can the Vatican and brotherly and friendly countries pressure Aoun to form a government? Without a blocking third (veto power)?”

In late March, Aoun and Hariri held a meeting in hopes to form a government of non-partisan specialists that will rescue Lebanon.

The meeting ended quickly after which Hariri announced that Aoun insists on having veto power for himself and his political group.

Hariri arrived in Beirut from the UAE on Monday evening and is expected to meet with Pope Francis within the next 48 hours.

Update: Hariri‘s visit to the Vatican has been set for April 22nd, debunking previous circulating information that reported he will be visiting within 48 hours.

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