Pope Francis Just Addressed the people of the Lebanese Revolution

’ message came after 11 days of ongoing protests all over , due to the increase of taxes, distrust in the men in power, increase in poverty, economic mismanagement, and governmental corruption.


What once began as a scream of desperation in the streets of , has developed into a major outbreak of hundreds of thousands of protesters, reaching an estimated 1.5 million on the 7th day of the revolution, in different areas across .

At this point, with the revolution confirmed in status by the determination and resilience of our protesters inland and overseas, the world can no longer disregard it as a civil protest. 



From his side, addressed the Lebanese nation on Sunday, Oct 27, with a special message, “I send a special thought to the dear Lebanese people, in particular to young people, who in recent days have made their cry heard in the face of challenges and the social, moral, and economic problems of the country.”

sent out his message following the prayer of the Angelus on Sunday. He then called out for protestors to find a reasonable solution with the government using the path of dialogue, so the conflict eases up sooner than expected for the sake of the Lebanese people.

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In his words, “I pray to the Virgin Mary, Queen of , so that – with the support of the international community – that country may continue to be a place of peaceful coexistence and respect for the dignity and freedom of every person.”

sees in dialogue a resolution to ease up the crisis occurring, a resolution that can benefit the entire Middle East Region that, he stated, “is already suffering too much.”

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As the revolution gets into its eleventh day, the Lebanese people protesting are showing more disobedience to any compromise with corruption itself. They are staying hand in hand and refusing to settle with less than their basic demands of having a fair shot at a decent life within .

And that, they want to achieve it without the involvement of other countries, recover their democracy that has been abused by those in power, and seek to work and save up for their own future

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