Here’s What Pope Francis Told President Aoun Today

Pope Francis Just Announced He Wants To Visit Lebanon ASAP
Reuters/Guglielmo Mangiapane

Pope Francis‘s deep concern for Lebanon was expressed today in a letter addressed to Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

In the letter, Pope Francis stressed that “Lebanon cannot lose its identity, nor the experience of brotherly living together, which made it a message to the whole world.”

The Supreme Pontiff sent the letter to thank Aoun for a book he had sent to the Vatican to mark Pope Francis’s 8th year as pontiff. 

He made sure to take the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the preservation of Lebanon’s stability and security.

In the message, the Pope also reiterated his desire to visit Lebanon, something he has recently said he would not do until a new government is formed, despite the fact that Aoun had formally invited him following his historic papal visit to Iraq

Pope Francis also raised his prayers for God to help Aoun and the political officials to “work for the common good.”

Last week, Pope Francis met with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri in the Vatican where the Pontiff stressed the urgency for a government formation to save Lebanon.

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