Popular Korean Youtuber Just Vlogged His Experience in Lebanon

Despite everything happening in the country right now, the revolution, the economic situation, the political instability, and so on, Lebanon is still a place that attracts many tourists. Some are coming out of curiosity, some for the love of a challenge since many countries advise against traveling to Lebanon, while others just don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see the beautiful country they’ve heard so much about.

Lately, many of those people have been foreign YouTubers who documented Lebanon in its uprising, and Chomad is one of them. He is also one of the people who were given a heads-up about the country being dangerous before coming here, which he so confidently corrected in the intro of his vlog.

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Chomad is a young Korean travel YouTuber. He just posted the Lebanon vlog among his Middle East Travels series, on December 17; an honest and uplifting vlog that begins with two simple phrases: “Is Lebanon dangerous? No, Lebanon is beautiful!” Well, we couldn’t agree more.

He started the video with him having breakfast at his hotel in the capital Beirut. Foul, cheese, Zaatar (thyme) and Zeitoun (olives), so it’s completely safe to say that Chomade’s Lebanese breakfast experience was almost completely on point. Then the YouTuber goes on to tell his worldwide fans about his revolution experience upon his arrival.

Whether he knew about it before or after his trip, one of Chomad’s first activities in Lebanon was to witness the revolution. In the Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut, he got to see the tents, the people, and the street art, though the presence of the ambulance vehicles and the spreading of the Lebanese army worried him.

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Lucky for the vlogger, things were stable at the time he was there; if he came a few days later, he would have witnessed real “thrill” action.

Anyway, after his breakfast, Chomad was off to Lebanon’s most iconic destination and landmark, the Rawche, on a morning that he described as peaceful.  There, he got to see the Pigeon Rocks and the ocean; the two things he showed the most interest in.

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After his break at a nearby cafe, Chomad went back to the Martyrs’ Square and, as most tourists do, went inside the majestic Al-Amin mosque, all while Lebanese revolutionaries were gathering outside, most of them -as he points out- were around his age. This time, Chomad obviously wasn’t worried or scared. On the contrary, he seemed to be having the time of his life.

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He got to live a typical day in the Lebanese revolution at central Beirut. Happy and energetic people singing, dancing, and being crazy fun, all the while revolting against their corrupt system. I’m using the vlogger’s words here: “It’s not like other dangerous protests, it’s peaceful.”

The YouTuber also gained new subscribers at the revolution, where he met a group of young people and taught them how to say Al Salamu Aalaykom in Korean. As he wandered in the downtown area, Chomad understood why Lebanon is called the Paris of the Middle East, since he remarked that the streets are much like Europe’s.

Gemmayze, specifically Sip Cafe, was next on his list of visits. There, he expressed his unhappiness about having to leave ‘the Paris of the Middle East’, aka Beirut, the next day. Finally, Chomad went across the street from the cafe to have some Lebanese bites at Le Chef restaurant.

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In his outro, Chomad got to put an end to all the talks about Lebanon being dangerous. He said that during his 3 days visit, he discovered the opposite. He also told his fans: “Lebanese people are kind, the city is beautiful, and I only saw pretty things.” And with that, Chomad bed his farewells to Beirut.

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I’ll put this here one more time: “It’s not like other dangerous protests, it’s peaceful.” This is what the world knows us for at this point. The peaceful people leading a peaceful revolution, which is rarely seen before. This is why we have Chomad and others still coming to Lebanon, being impressed and then leaving happy and impressed.

Plus, this is why they are coming against everyone’s advice and in spite of all those who want to portray Lebanon as dangerous. It is all because we have proved to the world that the Lebanese are the kind of people who are mindful and civilized, even in their uprise.

Thank you, Chomad, for paying our amazing country a visit, for sharing with the world all these positive comments, and for reminding everyone that Lebanon is at its best when its people are peaceful. And do visit again once the revolution is over.

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