Popular Singer Massari Calls On the Lebanese to Stay Home Amid Coronavirus


People all over the world are fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has affected so far over 120,000 individuals worldwide and the numbers are increasing quickly. On the bright side, there have been over 84,000 recoveries.

Worldwide, many are spreading awareness on social media platforms for people to Stay Home and adopt social distancing, in attempts to contain the spread.

Among them, the popular Lebanese-Canadian singer Massari appears particularly concerned for the people in his homeland as the coronavirus cases are increasing in Lebanon, affecting so far 133 individuals, as of the time of writing.

To send his message loud and clear to the Lebanese, Massari uploaded a photo of him on Instagram, wearing a T-shirt stating Lebanon with the Lebanese flag, and an illustration of a Lebanese flag mask on his face.

“If you’re not doing it for yourself then do it for our parents, grandparents, and kids,” he said in the caption.

“Stay home so we can overcome this pandemic and go back to our normal lives. S/O to @tracyhawchar for making me this mask,” he added in the caption.

Social distancing has become a must and people are standing united all around the world until this phase is over.

They are constantly encouraging each other to self-quarantine and make each other’s “Stay Home” a bit more cheerful, a bit more helpful.

“Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation,” says Embrace. “Stay connected” now more than ever.

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