Authorities Shut Down A Pre-Lockdown Party In South Lebanon

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Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi has directed South Lebanon Governor Mansour Daou and security forces to shut down a party taking place in the southern town of Maghdoucheh.

On the night before the lockdown, a restaurant in the southern town was throwing a party that was completely booked, with reservations reportedly exceeding 250%.

Shockingly, Lebanon saw several irresponsible pre-lockdown parties on the night before the 25-day lockdown. While some resto-pubs canceled their planned parties, others did not.

The Minister of Health himself was reportedly seen at a large pre-lockdown lunch gathering with the Minister of Economy and other people with no commitment to the preventive measures’ rules.

The country saw a surge in infections after the holidays due to gatherings and parties that took place over Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

On Wednesday, Lebanon registered a record high of coronavirus infections for the second day in the row, a number exceeding 4,000 cases.

Patients are on a desperate hunt for hospital beds as hospitals across the country are overwhelmed and can no longer take in COVID-19 cases.

Health experts are warning that the situation is only to get worse before Lebanon gets its first shipment of vaccines in mid-February.

Lebanese authorities are set to take stricter measures in dealing with lockdown violations. The prosecution can even include jail time in some cases.

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