President Aoun Received a Delegation of Protesters

Oct 18th was another day full of protests in Lebanon. Protesters have gathered on several roads for most of the evening, including the road of the Republican Palace, announcing through speakers that they will be reaching into the Palace, which is the headquarters of the Lebanese President. They referred to it as the people’s home as a statement to make their needs known. The Lebanese law officers were securing the entrance and stopping anyone from getting in, thus keeping everyone safe.


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This particular movement aiming at being heard by the President was headed by Rami Oleik, a Lebanese author, lawyer, professor and political activist. He was as determined as everyone else to get in, but insisted that this was a peaceful movement and urged that no forces were to be used between law officers and people protesting.

But still, no one was able to get into the Palace until President Michel Aoun invited in a delegation of the protesters, led by Rami Oleik, to discuss problems and solutions, as well as opening corruption and reform files.


The president assured everyone present that he understands and relates to the suffering of the people and that a continuous series of actions will be executed to end all the problems causing financial or living burden to the Lebanese citizens.

His guests, including Oleik, responded by focusing on their primary demand, which is the resignation of the current government because of the vulnerability and sensitivity of social security. They also called for the formation of an emergency government. 

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The civil uprising movement started on Thursday, October the 17th, demanding the cancellation of high taxes that recently included payments for What’s App call service. The protests progressed all over Lebanon to claim a change in the governmental system as a whole.

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The open stance the Lebanese President to receive and communicate directly with the delegation of the protesters gave people hope that change might be on its way, which means that their effort, determination, and anguish of the past days are going to pay off one way or another. This is living proof that the Lebanese are stronger together!


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Meanwhile, masses of protestors are gathering around the world in solidarity with the Lebanese people in Lebanon in an unprecedented historical unity of all the Lebanese nation. Numerous cities in Europe, the United States, Canada, and all the way to Australia are holding manifestations this weekend and all through to next week. 

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