President Aoun Urges Interior Ministry To Publish The Electoral Results For Those Wishing To Appeal

Judge Bitar Will Reportedly Question President Aoun
Dalati & Nohra

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun urged on Friday the Interior Ministry to publish the detailed results of the parliamentary elections within the designated time periods, and that in order for those wishing to appeal before the constitutional council.

During the meeting, President Aoun stated that the 2022 parliamentary elections had occurred under acceptable conditions despite some incidents.

However, according to the reports by the various monitoring organizations, including Lebanon’s Election Supervisory Board and LADE, there were not just “some incidents” but a significant number of violations.

These include vote-buying, violent clashes, destructions of ballot boxes, switching of votes by party’s delegates, breaches in electoral silence, intimidations, threats, pressure on voters, and so on.

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