President Aoun’s Daughter Is Suing LBCI For A Report Alleging Her Corruption

Claudine Aoun/LBCI

Claudine Aoun filed a lawsuit against LBCI after the highly reputable local TV station published a news report accusing her of owning a marketing company that has contracts with multiple entities in the government.

Micheline Massaad, media and communication officer at the National Commission For Lebanese Women, told The961 on behalf of Claudine Aoun that the president’s daughter has taken legal measures against LBCI, officially filing a lawsuit against the news agency on Tuesday.

Massaad added that Claudine Aoun will be going live for a televised interview in the next few days to clear out all the “misconceptions” regarding the massive corruption case against her.

Massaad specified that the TV station who will host Claudine Aoun is Al-Jadeed. The interview will be held on Sunday.

Before proceeding to file a lawsuit, Claudine Aoun threatened on social media to take legal measures against LBCI if they don’t come forward with an apology.

Yet, up until now no comment has been made by LBCI.

Claudine Aoun is the founder and CEO of Clementine SAL, a marketing and media corporation that offers services in the main fields of modern communications. She is also the president of the state-run National Commission for Lebanese Women and works as an advisor to her father the president.

The aftermath of LBCI’s news report showcasing a disregard to the policy of conflict of interest by the president’s daughter received a huge amount of attention on social media, as the Lebanese public was quick to lash out.

One Twitter user replied to Aoun’s tweet: “The truth is obvious and is clear in all the files and in the company’s website. Your company is benefiting from the government and not giving other companies a chance to work. This is called corruption, and you should be prosecuted for it! Not all citizens are dumb and uneducated!!”

Another Twitter user replied to Aoun demanding clarification on how her company managed to sign contracts with almost all the governmental entities.

These entities include, but reportedly not limited to, the Ministries of Energy, Foreign Affairs, Education, Communications, and Tourism, as well as the Army Intelligence, the Lebanese National Museum, and the list goes on.

However, the Lebanese public will have to wait for her TV appearance in the coming days to, hopefully, obtain answers and clarification, which, one would assume, Aoun is now preparing.

Micheline Massaad, told The961 that, for the time being, Claudine Aoun won’t be talking to any news outlets regarding that case against her until she goes on record during a live televised interview.