President Aoun Assured Elections Will Happen As Scheduled

Lebanon Elections Explained
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On Thursday, President Michel Aoun confirmed that the parliamentary elections will take place on time.

“We are a month away from the parliamentary elections, and some people are still skeptical about their holding them. I reiterate that it is on time and the additional funds have been approved,” he stated during a cabinet session in Baabda.

That statement comes in concordance with that of Prime Minister Najib Mikati who reassured the Lebanese people that the voting will happen on May 15th.

Political tensions have increased with the elections edging close and the traditional political parties campaigning, mostly against their opponents.

The Lebanese people in general are hoping that these elections will bring new elements to the parliament that could responsibly represent them and the national interest.

Dread that the elections won’t happen as scheduled has been dwelling among many due mainly to rumors and also a major lack of trust in the ruling officials resisting changes.

With the rampant corruption and negligence that have brought Lebanon to its current disastrous status, the elections come as a ray of hope for many.

The Lebanese president has previously vowed to expose all corruption before leaving office, asserting that his successor holds the responsibility of restoring Lebanon. However, the clock is ticking and his term as president is edging to conclude.

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