The President Signed The Animal Protection And Welfare Law!

President Michel Aoun signed the animal protection and welfare law yesterday! So, it’s official: animal abuse is illegal in Lebanon!

Animals Lebanon, an animal protection organization in Lebanon, works on improving the state of animals by rescuing them and protecting their rights.

In fact, this organization has been actively working for eight years on creating a law that protects all kinds of animals in Lebanon.

Thanks to the President’s signature, animals in Lebanon are protected from abuse, mistreatment, and violence.

About the law

The law states the manner in which animals should be kept. It’s also mentioned in the article how establishments that work with animals should be regulated. These establishments are zoos, pet shops, farms, slaughterhouses, circuses, and others.

The establishments that will not respect the law will be shut down. Also, they will get a fine that can be up to 100 million Lebanese Pounds (66,379 dollars). In fact, the person who is charge will get imprisoned.

Here is the timeline of the campaign:

  • Campaign Launch: November 2011
  • Ministry Review: January 2012
  • Public Comment: February 2013
  • Council of Ministers Review: October 2014
  • Approved by the Council of Ministers: February 2015
  • Approved by the Parliament: May 2017
  • Enactment: August 2017

During the campaign, Animals Lebanon created a petition that needed 25,000 signatures. More than 30,000 people have signed the petition!

In fact, Animals Lebanon is always seeking to make Lebanon a place where animals can live safely.

Thanks to this organization, we finally have a law that protects our furry friends and makes sure that their state of living meets international standards. Lebanon reached a milestone!

Congratulations to all of us! Kudos to the Animals Lebanon team!


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