Price Of Bread In Lebanon Has Increased… Here Are The Details

Price Of Bread Just Exceeded LBP 4,000 In Lebanon

After the increase in fuel prices yesterday, new prices of bread were announced. Here are the updated prices:

  • Small bread (380 grams) now costs 4,500 LL – an increase of 5.26%
  • Large bread (810 grams) now costs 6,500 LL – an increase of 4.94%

As a result of the severe economic crisis that the country is currently facing, prices of bread are regularly rising. This is the second time in under a month the prices were increased.

The World Food Programme (WFP) reported that the food prices dramatically rose by 628% in two years. This comes amidst the country’s economic collapse with the devaluation of about 90% of the Lebanese pound.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage in Lebanon is still set to 675,000 LL, making basic necessities out of reach for many Lebanese.

Price Of Bread In Lebanon Has Increased... Here Are The Details

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