Prisoners in Lebanon Were Just Caught Trying to Escape Through Tunnels

Mohammad Zaatari/AP l Kon Mowaten

A group of prisoners detained at Zahle’s men prison just attempted to pull off a mission impossible.

In detail, the prisoners planned a big escape that is a one of a kind operation in Lebanon’s history.

They dug out a tunnel that starts from inside the prison bath and ends outside of the prison. The underground tunnel is three meters long and one and a half meters deep.

Had their plan succeeded, it would’ve been an easy way out.

The operation was stopped by members of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces who got suspicious and then discovered the plan before the prisoners finished their tunneling work.

These elements surrounded the prison, re-filled the tunnel, and poured it with cement. The number of elements guarding the prison was raised in light of a military investigation by the leadership of the Bekaa region.

This investigation resulted in transferring those responsible for digging the tunnel to different prisons, though not before they caused further trouble.

They rioted inside the prison, attempting to carry out a rebellion that resulted in the stabbing of one ISF officer. Fortunately, this officer is now well and out of the hospital. As for now, things are back to normal inside the prison.