Professors From Top Lebanese Universities Joined The Electoral Race For Parliament

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Lebanese parliamentary elections have noted a rise in the standards of the candidates with new voices, new movements, and also professions, adding to the increase in the number of women candidates.

Remarkably is the number of scholars attempting to make their education and expertise count in the coming parliament decisions.

While their professional focus has been on educating the youth and future law-makers, professors from top universities, such as the American University of Beirut (AUB), are now running on various lists.

For instance, Michel Douaihy, a professor of Political Science and an economics expert, is the founder of Osos and the Shamaluna coalition running in the North III district.

It is the very same coalition that had hosted the first successful primary elections in Lebanon and Douaihy has stood out in recent times for encouraging the students and the revolution, and continuously supporting the youth with their movements.

AUB is not falling short with its capable staff seeking to make their voices count in the governance of the country. Among them is the Atmospheric Chemistry Specialist. Dr. Najat Saliba, ranked among BBC’s Top 100 Women 2019, and now running as an independent candidate in Mount Lebanon IV.

Dr. Saliba obtained her doctorate from the University of Southern California and is a Chemist and Environmental expert. She created a platform for young Lebanese women and men alike to be influential and successful in the science community.

Another experienced AUB staff member running in this election is Nuhad Yazbik Doumit, holder of a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Masters in Education Policy from the American University of Beirut and a Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Colorado.

Interestingly, this nationally and internationally awarded candidate has served in many professional practice developments, in leadership and management, and organizational communication, among others.

That is in addition to serving as the President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon (2015-2018) and her several publications, research projects, and presentations at international conferences.

Doumit, who has continuously spoken up for traditional taboo subjects such as the protection of LGBTQ+ rights in Lebanon, is running in the Beirut II district.

She’s among the only 28 candidates who have committed via HRW to strengthen human rights protections.

The list of university professors with high qualifications in these parliamentary elections extends further, including:

  • Asma Andraos, a communications professor at USJ, is running with Sovereign Lebanon
  • Lina Al Tannir, an AUB professor at the Olayan School of Business, is running with Beirut Confronts
  • Charbel Nahas, a retired professor of the Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese University.
  • Melhem Khalaf, USJ law professor and former head of Beirut Bar Association, is running with Beirut Al Taghyeer.
  • Fatmeh Moucharref, a professor at the Lebanese University, is also running with Beirut Al Taghyeer.

The question of whether these professors would be able to succeed in parliamentary roles and effectively contribute to the stabilization of the country is still to be seen.

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