Development Project In The Southern Suburb Of Beirut!


Southern Suburbs Municipalities Federation

has launched a new project called “Daheyati” which aims at developing the region of Dahye in Lebanon. The southern suburb is composed of 4 major municipalities and has an area of 20 km


. The following are the areas that this project is aiming at improving:

  • Traffic
  • Protection of public property
  • Hygiene
  • Forestation
  • Lighting

This project is aiming at easing the traffic in this region. In fact, driving will be a safer and a more pleasant experience since traffic lights will be added. Also, there will be more police patrols to control the traffic. Also, one of the goals of “Daheyati” is to beautify this region in Lebanon by planting flowers and trees on the roads, roundabouts, and bridges. As for hygiene, Lebanon has been dealing with a

garbage crisis

in almost every region for several years. For that reason, each municipality in Dahye will have its own waste disposal. Also, cleaning campaigns will be held in collaboration with several organizations. Thanks to this project, the residents of Dahye will live in a safer and a greener environment!

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