This Mother Is Continuing The Project Of Her Daughter Who Was Killed In The Beirut Blast

Letitia Gallery via WiFB

Six dark months have passed since the Beirut blast which claimed the lives of many. Among the victims, the young director of Letitia Gallery, Gaïa Fodoulian.

Fodoulian, who was an aspiring gallerist, passed away shortly before launching her project, Art Design Lebanon (AD Leb).

She envisioned it as a digital platform and pop-up gallery that supports and showcases the work of local and international artists.

To honor her daughter’s dream and legacy, Fodoulian’s mother Anne Vartivarian, the co-founder of Letitia Gallery, has stepped in to see her daughter’s work come to fruition.

Vartivarian will keep her daughter’s vision alive by launching AD Leb as a non-profit. All proceeds will be donated to the Gaïa Fodoulian Foundation, an organization that cares for animals in need and supports animal rescuers.

This is a cause Fodoulian cared for dearly as she herself was a fervent animal rescuer, according to AD Leb.

The first exhibition, titled “Everyone is the creator of one’s own faith,” is set to take place in late-March on the second floor of a Beirut heritage building dating back to the 1890s, on Sursock street.