Lebanese Depositors Union Calls For A Sit-In Over Federal Bank Violating Its Agreement With Bassam Sheikh Hussein


The Federal Bank administration had pledged not to press charges against depositor Bassam Sheikh Hussein for him to release the hostages during the incident at the Hamra branch.

The security forces also agreed with Hussein not to detain him for more than 15 minutes.

However, both entities failed their pledges as Hussein remains in custody to date and the Federal Bank has proceeded in filing a complaint against him.

The bank is reportedly demanding the harshest possible punishment on him as a measure to prevent other depositors to take similar actions for their money as Hussein did.

According to the lawyers, the Cassation Public Prosecution Office will look into the file starting Tuesday. Meanwhile, Hussein continues with his hunger strike for the third day protesting his detention at the ISF’s General Directorate.

Hussein had raided the Federal Bank in Hamra last Thursday in a desperate move to have access to his own money long-held by the bank while his father is in need of medical treatment.

The hostage situation ended some seven hours later with Hussein receiving only $35,000 of his full $209,000, and the pledges of the bank not to take any legal measures against him and the security forces not to detain him.

The Depositors’ Union and Hussein’s family are now organizing a sit-in in front of the Justice Palace in Beirut at 10:30 AM on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese continue reacting on social media, expressing their support for Hussein, as the capital control imposed by the banks for about three years now has wrecked the lives of many in the country amid the harshest economic crises ever.

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