Protester Was Just Hit By A Car In Byblos, Lebanon (Video)

MTV Lebanon

After a group of protesters was run over on Saturday, a new similarly shocking incident of violent aggression towards revolutionaries has just occurred.

A car tried forcing its way through the crowd of people blocking the road on the eastern side of the highway near Byblos (Jbeil). In doing so, the unidentified driver hit a woman among the protesters.

According to Al-Ahdath 24, the car was a Mitsubishi with tinted windows and without a license plate.

The victim, who was transported to a hospital in the area, is reportedly the daughter of the priest of Nahr Ibrahim.

The Lebanese Red Cross immediately rushed to her aid. She sustained fractures and bruises, but is in stable condition, according to local media.

On Saturday, a car registered to a Carlos Aoun ran over a group of protesters in Choueifat, in the Aley District, causing 7 injuries.

The spiraling situation in Lebanon has forced people back onto the streets. Crowds of protesters across the country have been expressing their anger over the depreciation of the Lira exchange rate, which exceeded 10,000 LBP against the dollar on the black market, dramatically increasing the severity of the living conditions.

People across the country have been closing roads and highways for several days now, in a desperate attempt to get the ruling officials to take some serious constructive actions as the country continues to collapse.