Protesters Attempt To Cross Lebanese Army Roadblock Near South Lebanon Border

Protesters Attempt To Cross Army Roadblock Near South Lebanon Border

Protesters near the border in southern Lebanon jostled Lebanese soldiers in an attempt to reach the border with Occupied Palestine on Saturday afternoon.

According to the National News Agency (NNA), protesters brawled with security forces and the Lebanese Army at a roadblock set up at the Fatima Gate.

The protesters were attempting to cross the roadblock so that they could move along the road leading to the Marjayoun Plain, where lies the barbed wire line that demarcates the border.

The Lebanese Army called in reinforcements to the site after the confrontation with the protesters, who were holding flags of Lebanon, Palestine, and Hezbollah.

The NNA also reported that some of the protesters managed to climb the wall separating Lebanon and the occupied territories in the southern town of Kfarkela.

They broke surveillance cameras installed by the Israeli military, and threw stones.

Earlier on Saturday, an Israeli military spokesperson warned that Lebanon would be held responsible for any activities against Israel that originate in its territory.

People in Lebanon have held several protests at the southern Lebanese border, against the ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the occupied territories.

On Saturday afternoon, the Israeli military bombed a tower in Gaza housing international media, including the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.

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