Protesters Attacked Banks Across Lebanon

Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

The Lebanese revolution is at its peak right now, even with the national pandemic. That is because people believe they have the most compelling reason to revolt.

The revolution against hunger has started.

Ridiculously high taxes, the dollar exchange rate continues to escalate with no indication to stop, oppressing capital control, people are jobless, and no support from the government.

Recently, the government distributed 400,000 LBP to the poorest families, according to the database of the municipalities.

However, that database does not include the majority of the Lebanese who are suffering from the collapse of the economy, the oppression of the banks’ control measures, the increase of unemployment, and the consequences of the lockdown.

The poorest are not the only ones suffering, and the suffering is not new. It has only increased and expanded.

At this point, the people are taking their anger and frustration out on the Central Bank’s governor Riad Salameh, on moneychangers, and on banks.

On Monday night, April 27th, protesters all over Lebanon took to the streets and they had one target: banks. They attacked them with everything they had and even set some on fire.

This went on across Lebanon, from the north to the south, and from Beirut to the Bekaa:





When people warned the government about the hunger revolution, they weren’t just talking nonsense.

They knew that if things kept going down-hill and no solution was implemented soon enough, people will reach a time when they can’t feed their kids anymore, and then things will get ugly.

There are people in Lebanon who have been suffering harsh living conditions and have now reached despair.

For months now, since October 17th, the nation has revolted against so many infamies and they weren’t heard nor heeded by the officials, up to now.

Their outcry was heard all over the world but still not by those in charge of the country, who have disregarded them as irrelevant. Things have deteriorated further now.

You hear men furious and you hear fathers crying…and you hear children weeping…

The revolution brought people to the streets to demand a better living, a better country, a life of dignity. Now, people are demanding the basics of daily bread to feed their families.

Back to revolting is the only remaining hope of those who lost expectations, as we are now seeing unfurling in the streets of Lebanon.

The people are getting angrier by the day and the protests are turning intense.

Attacking banks, burning tires, blocking roads, and violent confrontations with the army and ISF; these were the scenes of Monday night in various cities, including Beirut, Zouk, and Tripoli where protests spiraled out of control.

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