Protesters Just Blocked Roads In Tripoli To Contest Their Living Conditions


On Monday, roads were blocked in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, by protesters in Al-Nour Square to hold a sit-in. The demonstrators include retired servicemen that are protesting their deteriorating conditions.

On June 26, a building collapsed in Dahr Al-Maghar leaving several injured and a 2-year-old girl found under the rubble of the building dead.

This incident left other buildings close to it prone to collapse and their residents homeless. They are currently living in schools after receiving supplies from NGOs and members of the Tripoli municipal police.

The homeless families are still waiting for the government to rebuild their homes and inspect the ones that are threatened to collapse.

Back in April, Tripoli suffered another tragedy, the capsizing of a boat filled with illegal migrants that were reportedly heading to Cyprus in hopes of starting a new life.

48 of them were saved by Lebanese Navy ships while 6 lives were lost including one of an infant girl.

Tripoli is known as one of Lebanon’s most marginalized regions, heavily impacted by the economic crisis and the epicenter of incidents in the country.

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