Protesters Break Into Ministry Of Transport And Public Works

Protesters Break Into Ministry Of Transport And Public Works

A group of protesters has broken into the building of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Beirut.

One of the protesters in the group recorded a video from inside the building, saying: “We are affirming that this Ministry is ours, and the Minister must resign.”

“There are no services … And we are not seeing any works; it is the Ministry of Public Works and we’re not seeing any works … All works are initiatives of the civil society,” he stressed as the rest of the group shouted anti-government slogans.

The group entered the Ministry after protests erupted in Central Beirut, in a scene that is similar to what took place late on Saturday.

The riot police personnel who were deployed to respond to the protesters, who tried several times to break into Nejmeh Square with the aim of reaching the Parliament building, resorted to firing tear gas pellets to attempt to disperse them.

Notably, security forces denied shooting live or rubber bullets at the protesters after the claim started to circulate social media as well as some local news channels.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Red Cross had 11 teams ready to respond to cases of injury after more protesters rushed to the streets, and the clashes with the security forces intensified.

Yesterday, protesters forced their way into several ministry buildings, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, and Energy, in addition to the headquarters of the Association of Banks.

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