Protesters Call for A Human Shield in Beirut To Stop Tuesday’s Parliamentary Session

Looking forward to denouncing the legislative session in the parliament tomorrow Tuesday the 19th, which includes a general amnesty law and none of the people’s demands, the Lebanese revolutionaries intend to impede the session to occur.

They plan to create a massive Human Shield to block all roads leading to the parliament as of 7:00 AM. Their call has gone viral online.

With that Human Shield, they will be standing against the parliament that has proven to be incompetent in regards to the welfare of the country. In consequence, it has to be considered illegitimate, as per the protesters.

Their call going viral online states, “We call all citizens to prevent the parliament from meeting by blocking all roads leading to Nejme square.”

The action plan of the Revolution Human Shield includes -we quote:

#1 Block all roads as per the map. It’s very important we don’t try to get in (Because the army has different orders on what to do in case people want to go into parliament).

#2 Sit down and create a human shield at each entrance, chant, and sing. It’s our voice that will be heard on that day.

#3 Be there at 7:00 AM sharp. The number of people needed is 100.000 in total.

#4 Bring Pots, pans, and tableh, and make a lot of noise. Bring your Lebanese flag.

#5 Our movement is political defiance and not violence. Stay calm and peaceful and victory shall be ours.

In the legislative parliament session, which was set to be held last Tuesday, Lawmakers plan to vote on draft laws related to combating corruption, a general amnesty, pensions, and others.

As a result, many MPs have been taking to social media to tell the public that they will boycott this parliamentary session, including, Paula Yacoubian, Fouad Makhzoumi, Sami Gemayel, Oussama Saad, and the MPs of the Progressive Socialist Party.

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