Protesters In Lebanon Literally Furnished A Bridge As A Way Of Civil Disobedience!

The Ring Bridge is the bridge that connects downtown Beirut with Hamra, one of the main economic and diplomatic hubs of Beirut.

This bridge is also being called the “House of the People” as it was the starting point of the revolution.

The bridge has been on a closedown for 13 days now, with army forces constantly trying to reopen it. They used all convenient methods that do not oppose the rights of people to protest but also protect the rights of people to get to their work.

This bridge witnessed a lot of the ups and downs of this protest.

From physical conflicts between army forces and protesters and burning tires to Sunday’s BBQs and free drinks, this bridge is a symbol of the unique civil disobedience, the stubbornness, and the bravery of the Lebanese people.

And now, Lebanese people got too comfortable at the Ring Bridge that they decided to furnish it!

On Sunday night, 27th October, a group of protesters got some couches, fridges, a dining table, and a rug, and furnished the road in a homey setting.

They made it into a studio we would have probably never afforded in that part of the town, and everyone was invited to the party!

The revolutionaries have suffered so much, psychically and psychologically, for the past 13 days, and decided they needed a night of jokes and lightheadedness in order to regain their natural Lebanese humor.

It was a sahreye of arba3meyye, (400Card Game’s evening), guitar playing, and philosophical mapping.

After their night-stay at the luxurious Maison de Personnes (people’s home), they woke up to some yoga for the wellbeing of their mind and body.

Just so they can recharge their revolution spirit for a new week of disobedience against injustice.

During these times, psychological warfare is the type of war best played, and the most dangerous.

The Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union lasted 44 years, with neither of the parties initiating any move towards an actual war. It was a war played on the fear of both nations.

Somehow, the same war is being played on revolutionaries in Lebanon by other sides.

It is essential for us to remind ourselves of the great achievements we have achieved in a few days, achievements we could not have dreamt of have we not decided to go down the streets!

No matter where the revolution leads us to, and whether we get all the things we wanted from it, we should realize that we are the only ones who will get out of this as winners.

Bravery won over fear, unity won over inherited division, and the law won over corruption.

This revolution is not the end. It is just the beginning of a responsible, mature, and educated generation.

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