Protesters in Lebanon to Hold First Meeting to Set the Revolution Road Map

Lebanon’s ongoing revolution is continuing to surpass everyone’s expectations – whether those of the Lebanese people, the Lebanese leadership, or the international community. Now nine-days strong, and not showing any signs of stopping as it embarks on its second week of peaceful demonstrations across the country and the world, the Lebanese Revolution is putting its mark on history, in true Lebanese fashion!


In light of recent developments and speeches by our political leaders, and most likely fueled by the silence of the political class in the face of the now reported 2.5 million voices crying for their resignation, civil society and the general public are getting organized.

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In his latest speech, Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah accused the current revolution of being visionless, leaderless, and lacking a plan of action. His speech clearly outlined that the political class has yet to take this revolution seriously and that the revolution has yet to come up with any tangible solutions or recommendations as per their demands.


Then again, Nassrallah was very wrong in his belittling assumptions. For the past three days now, the protesters have been already organizing their common vision into a plan to materialize it. President Aoun’s speech, which had failed the nation, has only brought them to speed up in taking the Revolution to its next natural level.

The announcement of their first open discussion began circulating Friday, Oct 25th in the afternoon, on social media among activists, academics, and experts. The gathering will be held at the Cinema building, behind the Azarieh parking lot, at 4 PM on Saturday, October 26, 2019.

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The event’s announcement describes the meeting as follows: “Let us assemble as citizens in an open discussion in order to bring our points of view closer, as well as agree on a road map (plan of action)”.

Reportedly, the NGO Nahnoo has been circulating this event in search of more specialists and experts to join this meeting and that in light of the government not showing any signs of resigning any time soon. Nahnoo is a research and advocacy platform for participatory policy-making that focuses on public space, cultural heritage, and good governance

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The event is so far set to take place on what is anticipated to be the tenth day of the ongoing protests across Lebanon, cementing the protest as more than a popular uprising, and more of a Revolution that needs to be taken very seriously.

With Prime Minister Hariri reportedly meeting with President Aoun in order to discuss the formation of a new Council of Ministers, according to MTV news, this might be the plan of action to have the people trust a bit more in their proposed yet mistrusted plan of reforms.

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