Protesters in Tripoli Raised the Lebanese Army Flag in Unity and Support

Today, Thursday, October the 24th, marks day 8 of the Lebanese revolution. Many important events took place on this day: Protesters stood their ground despite the pouring rain and despite assaults on them in some cities. The Lebanese president addressed his people in a speech for the first time. People created an anthem for the revolution, and so on, but the most recent is this splendid gesture of allegiance and respect to the Army from protesters in Tripoli.


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In a grand act of acknowledgment, respect, and gratitude towards the Lebanese Army, the northern protesters in El-Nour Square opened today a long passage to enormous Lebanese Army flags.

Once again, the army in its entirety sees and feels deeply how much its elements are appreciated and loved for their efforts and protection since the onset of the people’s revolution.


The protesters cheered and applauded, making of this moment a great proof of the unifying feeling both sides share. Protesters and the Lebanese army have been supportive of each other throughout this period, sharing mutual care and respect.


The Lebanese army has ensured everyone’s safety, from pushing threats away to stopping assaults towards the protesters, and even expressing their support for the cause in their own possible ways.


The army on the ground has refused the use of force against the protesters, except in rare cases where some rogue individuals aggressed them at the beginning of the protest movement.  Other than that, any dispute that happened was also for the sake of the people, and the protesters are aware of that and respect it.

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That wide support of the people of the Revolution to the Army is not strange. In fact, the protesters’ list of demands includes the army’s rights for better living conditions. We are all in this together and for all.


Flags of the Lebanese army along with the Lebanese flag are still being raised in El-Nour Square. The salutations for the army and the Lebanese anthem are also non-stopping. All of this is happening under the pouring rain, but it seems that people are determined not to leave under any circumstance.

This initiative that the protesters in Tripoli took is truly precious. The least we can do for our heroes is to raise their flag as a statement of appreciation.  To note, in some instances, it was the protesters who stepped in to defend army elements from being improperly spoken at, as you’ll see in the video below.

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