Furious Protesters Set The Lebanese Central Bank On Fire

Furious Protesters Set The Lebanese Central Bank On Fire
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The dollar has flown away.

“Lebanon rises up” once again dominated social media as protests raged across Lebanon against the unbearable increase in prices. One scene that perfectly summed up the street’s standpoint is that of the central bank being engulfed by flames.

The last third of June 11th saw a rapid and heated escalation in both the value of the US dollar against the Lebanese pound and the effects it had on the Lebanese stage.

After allegedly jumping by over 1,000 LBP in a matter of hours, the Lira settled at around 7,000 in some areas on Tuesday evening, according to various reports.

Notably, this figure was dismissed as “completely untrue” by Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh.

Nevertheless, what happened afterward was an expected explosion of anger and fire in most Lebanese regions

The demonstrations were primarily directed at the supposed root of the calamity; the man heading the Banque du Liban.

In Tripoli, enraged protesters cheered as they watched the flames peeking out of the central bank’s windows light up their intense night.

The Molotov cocktails that were hurled at the resented building were followed by the familiar “down with the bank’s rule” and “down with Riad Salameh” chants.

Eventually, Lebanese Army soldiers were deployed to the scene and used force to disperse the protesters, resulting in several injuries among the latter.

Similarly, in Beirut, the rioters smashed the fronts of several banks and reportedly forced their way into the central bank in Hamra Street before security forces rushed to disperse them.

This took place as other citizens blocked numerous roads using burning tires and other obstructions in protest against the rapid declination of the value of their national currency and the worsening living conditions that came with it.

Protests and riots raged throughout Tuesday night in Beirut, Tripoli, Nabatieh, Saida, and many other Lebanese areas, demanding a real and immediate solution for the Lebanese people’s daily suffering.

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