Protesters In Beirut Just Forced Open A Gate Surrounding The Parliament

Nabil Ismail

On the second day of demonstrations outside of the Parliament in Beirut, people have managed to force open one of the iron gates surrounding it.

Throwing rocks towards the gate, people are angrier with reports of the price of the dollar exceeding 12,000 L.L. on the black market.

Security forces, which are also struggling from the financial crisis, responded quickly by throwing tear gas at the protesters in an effort to ward them off.

The protests have gathered crowds of hundreds of people from all parts of Lebanon, including Tripoli’s protesters.

These angry protests have been continuous for days as the value of the national currency remains in freefall, going from 10,000 L.L. to over 12,000 L.L. per USD in mere 2 weeks.

The Lebanese pound has lost more than 85% of its value and there is no indication of its freefall stopping, as of yet.