Protesters Will Oppose Tuesday’s Parliamentary Session With A Widespread Strike

As the Lebanese anti-government protests uprise to its fourth week, the protesters just called for a general and comprehensive strike in Lebanon on Tuesday.

They called this upcoming week “the week of disobedience,” denouncing the legislative session happening in the parliament that includes a general amnesty law.

The protesters issued a statement saying that “The ruling authority continues to treat the Lebanese people, who have been uprising on all roads and arenas, as a people who have fallen short of accountability and of changing the equation that has existed for decades.”

They also revealed that they have no confidence in the parliament nor the speaker of this parliament who is, as per their statement, one of the first leaders accused of corruption.

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In their statement, the protesters asked: “How can a session, held under the pressure of the rising street for more than three weeks, ignore the demands of the people and their priorities, in order to cross towards the draft laws that harm the interests of the citizen!?”

They added, addressing the parliament, “We’re keen on the Constitution, unlike you who insist on an unconstitutional session with populist clauses […], and here are some quick remarks:

  • Absolute justice and acceleration in trials, and no general amnesty to escape through it and through some exceptions that can be recognized at the last minute.
  • Where are the urgent laws to address the financial and economic crisis?
  • Where is the proposed law on the independence of the judiciary? On the contrary, you are still trying to establish an extraordinary, independent court, and you are absent from the law of illicit enrichment, reform of regulatory bodies such as central inspection, tender management, etc.
  • The public opinion has not been informed in the first place of the bills that have been submitted to the deputies just two days ago!
  • Where is the lifting of the immunities of the perpetrators?! The reality is still the same!
  • Where is the right of the deputy to file a lawsuit against the decisions of wasting public money?
  • The corruption in the public sector can’t be fought by infiltrating the Judicial Committee through judges appointed by you, yourself!
  • The Council continues to emphasize the immunities and self-pardon and the subordination of the judiciary to political power and threatens any possibility of accountability.

The protesters concluded their statement by saying: “Your legislative session does not mean anything to the Lebanese people who are tired of your play. Your exclusive role today is parliamentary consultations with the aim of forming a rescue government with extraordinary powers that restore legitimacy to the people to get rid of you and your corruption!”

The protesters also stressed that they’re continuing and going forward, calling for a general strike this Tuesday, a strike that includes the parliament which “is disabled anyway for years.” 

As a result, protesters and students across Lebanon have now declared a general strike for Tuesday, announcing that they will block all leading roads to the parliament.

Many institutions and organizations have also called for this general strike to prevent deputies from approving the amnesty law.

Last week, Speaker Nabih Berri had announced that the parliament will hold a legislative session on Tuesday, November 12, where Lawmakers will vote on draft laws related to combating corruption, a general amnesty, pensions, and others.

In this regard, MP Paula Yacoubian announced in a recorded video that she’s not attending the legislative session happening in the parliament that includes a general amnesty law, warning the people that it is a trap meant to divide them.

Earlier today, Speaker Nabih Berri announced that the parliament session, which was meant to be held tomorrow Tuesday at 1 PM, has now been postponed until next Tuesday: Parliamentary Meeting Postponed Under the Protesters’ Pressure.

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