Protesters Just Rallied In Support Of Russia In Front Of The Russian Embassy In Beirut


Members of the Russian diaspora and some Lebanese people gathered on Wednesday in front of the Russian Embassy in Beirut in support of Russia’s recent military involvement in Ukraine.

During the protest, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Rudakov, didn’t hesitate to thank all the gathered protesters.

“The main causes of the military operations in Ukraine is not to wage a war against Ukraine or the Ukrainian people,” he said, claiming that “the main goal is for Russia to clean Ukraine from fascism and nazism.”

During the rally, the protesters chanted “Russia, Lebanon is with you” and” We are against the Nazis and NATO aggression.”

Lebanon, however, has officially condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and urged Russia to halt its military operations and withdraw its forces.

Lebanon also voted during the United Nations General Assembly in favor of the resolution against the Russian invasion, along with other 140 states.

On Wednesday, 40 Lebanese nationals fleeing the war in Ukraine landed safely in Beirut. More are expected to arrive as thousands of Lebanese, including students, are still stuck in Ukraine or on its borders, waiting for help from the Lebanese Embassy of Ukraine.