Clashes Just Broke Out Between Protesters & Security Forces In Lebanon

@news3polli | @alahdath24

A wave of protests is erupting across Lebanon, from North to South. In Tripoli, security forces moved to pull the plug on the protests, leading to clashes in front of the Serail.

Tripoli, which has been referred to as the Bride of the Revolution since October 2019, saw the largest crowd of activists since Sunday, motivated to reignite the Lebanese Revolution which they say }is not over yet.”

To clamp down on the raging protests, security forces decided to stop the demonstrations in the northern capital, which ensued in clashes.

Protesters tried to break the door of the Serail of Tripoli and threw stones towards it after security forces tried earlier to break apart the protest, reportedly making up to 10 arrests.

Amid the tension, security forces then used tear gas in the Al-Nour Square to disperse the people protesting.

Protests have been breaking out across the north and south of Lebanon. Activists in Beirut even closed the Ring Bridge on Monday in solidarity with the revolutionists.

Lebanese stand by the conviction that revolution is not over until reforms are made.