Protesters Subdued Armed Men Who Opened Fire at People in Jal El Dib

During the protests that took place in Jal El Dib today Wednesday, Nov 13th, fights broke out in the area between demonstrators blocking the roads, and citizens objecting to the blockades. The two parties exchanged rock throws and beatings before security forces arrived and put an end to the conflict.


Some injuries were reported after the fights and the area witnessed calmness for some time before a civilian armed with an AK-47 assault rifle stood in the middle of the street facing the protesters and proceeded to open fire at a dangerous angle that could have easily caused fatalities.

That is not to say that the shootings resulted in no injuries; three protesters were injured by the shots and were hospitalized following the incident. Some reports claimed that the shooter is a retired military official.


Enraged by the criminal act, groups of protesters rushed towards the shooter after he returned his rifle to the car, beat him and subdued him to the ground, then proceeded to damage and break the windows of his parked car before security forces arrived and arrested the shooter. Another armed man was arrested at the scene, no shots were fired from his rifle.

The armed men were recognized as members of the anti-revolution Tayyar political party. No official statement has been issued yet by the Lebanese army.


While the Tayyar denied that its two members were armed, an MTV reporter on the site stated that the two armed men carried the sign of the Tayyar party, and former Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyomdjian, tweeted the following:

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