Breaking: Protestors Take Over HQ of Association of Banks

Protestors Take Over HQ of Association of Banks
Felipe Dana/AP

Late on Saturday, protesters took over the headquarters of the Association of Banks amid massive protests in Central Beirut.

They stormed into the building, shouting anti-government chants, spraying similar phrases on its outer walls, breaking its windows, and damaging its interior.

The protesters then set the headquarters on fire.

This comes after countless people took to the streets to call for the toppling of the current political system and clashed with security forces who were deployed to disperse the demonstrators.

Over 170 injuries, 63 of which needed hospitalization, have since been reported by the Lebanese Red Cross. The injuries include LBCI reporter Edmond Sassine, whom paramedics have rushed to treat on the spot.

This comes after the protesters took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Trade.