Protests Erupting Across Lebanon Against Harsh Living Conditions

@hassanobeid16 | @lebanon_the_dream

People across Lebanon gathered on Monday to protest the unbearable living conditions, with demonstrations erupting in Tripoli, Beirut, and Sidon, sending flashbacks of the revolution that first began on October 17, 2019.

As the country continues to impose lockdowns in failed attempts to reduce the coronavirus infections in Lebanon, Lebanese are struggling to survive their day-to-day.

On Saturday, protests broke out in Sidon and in Tripoli, where revolutionaries took to the streets in large numbers to take a stand against the government’s decision to impose long lockdowns without securing financial assistance to the people.

Protests on Monday reignited in both Tripoli and Sidon. In Beirut, activists closed the Ring Bridge, in solidarity with the protesters in Tripoli and Sidon standing up against the dire social and economic situation in Lebanon.

Tripoli had the largest crowd of activists since Sunday. With the protests increasing in number on Monday, security forces were deployed to stop them in the northern capital, leading to a clash between protesters and authorities.

Along with the protests against the difficult living conditions, the grieving families of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion held yet another sit-in on Monday at the Justice Palace in Beirut to demand a transparent investigation into the blast.