Protests And Blocked Roads Across All Regions In Lebanon Today

With the Lebanese Lira reaching an all-time low, fuel prices significantly increasing, political stalemate, and no solution in sight, Lebanese have taken to the streets across Lebanon.

Since this morning, the following have been blocked on and off:

The road linking Borj Chmali and Tyre southbound. Blocked with tires and garbage bins. Protestors cited the ailing livelihood and economic situation.

Beddawai-Tripoli highway on both locations. Blocked with trucks and cars. Dire livelihood conditions and the drastic devaluation of the Lebanese Lira were cited as reasons.

The road leading to the Central Bank and Ministry of Interior in Hamra is closed mostly by security forces as protestors burned tires at the entrance of Banque du Liban. Citing the drastic devaluation of the Lebanese Lira.

The southern entrance of Baalbek city. Blocked by van drivers citing the skyrocketing exchange rate and the deteriorating livelihood conditions.

Old Sidon road in Chiyah both directions.

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