Protests In Lebanon Expand As Frustration Escalates


Protesters have gathered in Beirut’s Martyr Square and blocked the road with burning tires, the state-run national news agency reported.

Bechara al-Khoury road and the Ring Bridge in downtown Beirut were also blocked, as well as the Jiyyeh highway south of Beirut, the Mina highway in Tripoli that leads to Beirut, and Dahr al-Ain road in the North.

The Jal al-Dib highway just outside Beirut was also closed and the area was engulfed with black smoke from burning tires, the traffic management center reported.

Lebanese people did not stand quiet for the third night in a row after the local currency hit an all-time low of 10,000 LBP against the dollar this week.

For the people, it means one terrifying thing: the dire living conditions are expected to continue worsening with soaring inflation and no financial assistance from the state.

Meanwhile, the government formation remains in deadlock and political officials continue to bicker over who gets what, while the prices in Lebanon are increasing exponentially, and the minimum wage of 675,000 LL is now worth $68.

A fight broke out in a major supermarket as people are racing to purchase the limited remaining quantities of subsidized goods.

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