Lebanese Block Roads Across Lebanon To Protest The Worsening Conditions


While street closures are seen in different regions of Lebanon, including Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, and Bekaa, President Michel Aoun flew to Qatar after an invitation for the opening of the World Cup.

People have blocked roads across Beirut and other parts of Lebanon with burning tires, decrying the worsening economic situation.

On Sunday, calls were spread on social networks to close roads.

Road closures have become common sights in Lebanon, taking place countless times since the country’s economic crisis escalated in 2019, to put pressure on the ruling class to implement urgent solutions to the several crises.

People have burnt tires or placed garbage bins in the middle of the streets to block roads. Some have also spilled motor oil on the road surface to prevent cars from passing.

The Lebanese Lira has recently reached a new historic low, each dollar worth 25,000 LBP, while medicine subsidies were partially lifted and fuel prices are continuously rising.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese government hasn’t met in over a month, allegedly due to the ongoing dispute over Beirut Blast investigator Judge Tarek Bitar and a diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Although these are major issues that require the government to meet, adding to the urgent matters that the ruling body must see to.

The government has not yet secured funding for a ration card to slightly soften the blow of lifting subsidies as well as the jump in the US Dollar to the Lebanese pound exchange rate.

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Lebanese Block Roads Across Lebanon To Protest The Worsening Conditions

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