Protests At Power Plant In North Lebanon For The 2nd Evening In A Row


Protesters gathered in front of the Deir Ammar power plant in Northern Lebanon on Thursday, for the second night in a row, to protest the severe electricity cuts.

The protesters blocked the Minieh-Tripoli highway in both directions, setting tires on fire and doing a sit-in protest.

Two people were injured in the Wednesday night sit-in in front of the power plant, where the demonstrators tried to enter the building to protest. 

The Lebanese Army launched tear gas at them in an attempt to break up the crowd. 

The army blocked the main entrance to the Deir Ammar power plant after seeing activists on social media platforms urging citizens to meet at the plant’s entrance. The army also sent reinforcements in riot gear.

Lebanon has been suffering from severe power shortages since the economic crisis. Electricité du Liban, the state electricity provider, has only been able to supply a few hours of power each day. 

It is not the first time the people of Tripoli have taken to the streets to express their dissatisfaction. In February of this year, they blocked the Tripoli-Deir Ammar highway to protest the electricity cuts. 

In a similar reaction this week, people attacked the power plant in Zahle after the electricity supply was cut off from them for refusing to pay their bills.

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