Protests In Tripoli At The Unbearable Living Conditions

@aly_maryam | @lebprotests

Protesters are back in the streets across Lebanon. In Tripoli, a number of protesters returned to Nour Square to protest the high prices of basic commodities and intolerable living conditions.

According to Al Joumhouria, the revolutionaries chanted slogans condemning the corruption of officials and merchants.

They asked the government to recover the stolen money from the state and control the exchange rate of the dollar.

They asked that prices be monitor and manipulative traders be imprisoned.

After closing Nour Square, they gathered protesting in front of the house of Minister of Communications Tala Hawat, as well as in front of the house of Mufti Chaar, and then continued towards Najib Mikati Palace in El-Mina.

The protesters warned that they will continue protesting until solutions are implemented because the living situation has become unbearable. People are unable to attain the most basic needs to live decently.